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Dosing Cup

Dosing Cup


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Transform your workflow with the dosing cup, crafted for efficient dosing directly into the cup, this tool is your ticket to a faster and mess-free coffee experience.

Tired of coffee grinds scattered all over your counter? Say goodbye to the mess with our dosing cup. By weighing and pouring individual doses directly into the portafilter, you'll not only save time but also keep your workspace tidy.

Equipped with an innovative distribution blade, this dosing cup ensures that your coffee grinds are spread evenly, leading to a more consistent and flavour-packed cup of coffee.

Using the dosing cup is a breeze. Just pour the coffee grinds into the cup and gently twist to even them out in your portafilter basket.

Designed to fit portafilters with an inside diameter of 56mm, our dosing cup is compatible with a wide range of espresso machines, making it a versatile and essential addition to your coffee setup.


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